Dads are the Original Hipsters

Sorry hipsters, your dad was the original hipster and he was killing it back in the day.

Listen up hipsters, did you honestly think vintage bikes were a new thing? No, your dad was a two-wheeled king before you were even falling off training wheels. 

So, when you’re dusting off your dad’s old velo-swag in the garage and thinking about stealing his pedal-whip because you want to convert it to the most badass fixie ever, remember that your dad marked his territory by tea bagging the top-rail. You can wash a frame, but you can’t wash away memories. 

Happy Friday hipsters. I don’t know what the shit is going on is this photo, but all of it is pure win. From the velo-swag kid in the background pulling an A.C. Slater on the chair, to Nana getting grape drunk in her fresh Nikes — this moment is priceless. Check out dad too. A normal bottle of vino couldn’t quench his liver’s Funday night thirst for inebriation, which is why he always rolled deep with a jug of Jesus juice. He didn’t just bring the party, he was usually the reason why the party got shut down and why granny has a DUI on her record from trying to ride her electric wheelchair home. 

I raise my box of wine to you sir. You are a life champion of debauchery. 

Post Note: I thought this was a legit submission and it is not. Turns out it is a David Lachapelle photo from his collection “Recollections in America.” My bad and please only submit your photos. Here’s a link to the rest of the collection. 

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